Looking for your refund?  Check on your Federal and Maine refunds using the links below.

Federal Refund Status

State of Maine Refund Status

Below are links to other great businesses worth considering for your needs.

Saltwater Harbor Financial, LLC – Fee-Only Financial Planning


From Saltwater Harbor: “As a fee-only establishment, Saltwater Harbor is compensated solely by our clients. There are no payments contingent on the sale of a financial product, no commissions, no bonuses. We are here solely for our clients, not the possibility of what we may be able to sell to them. We are one of the only financial practices that does not require a minimum net worth, amount invested or the custody of your assets in order to help you. We believe that everyone deserves the possibility of a financial future, regardless of their current situation. Adopting a fee-only model allows us to be accessible to nearly every individual seeking guidance. We work by the hour and you pay us only for the work we do for you. Nothing makes us more proud than seeing our client’s dreams and wishes come true. Your needs will always come first at Saltwater Harbor Financial.”